Parking Tips for New York City – Scott Jones Ace Parking

New York City, the city that never – ever – ever sleeps. Scott Jones Ace Parking was in NYC just a few weeks ago and he realized that there is a number of people that do not know how to properly park in the city. Granted, if you find a parking spot God especially likes you. With a city that’s always moving you can guess how traffic must be. Try to avoid parking on the sidewalk of your favorite caffee or theater. It will make pulling out into traffic a million times harder. Parking structures are very expensive but they offer the most protection to your vehicle so that is up to your discretion. It’s also a good idea never too park too far from where you want to go, by minimizing walking distance and keeping an eye on your car is good encase of burglary.


Scott Jones Ace Parking suggests you find a cab or take the bus as that’s the least expensive and safest for your car. However if you enjoy driving in traffic and maniac’s than be my guest! NYC is the greatest city in the U.S. without a doubt, Scott Jones Ace Parking wants you to stay safe and enjoy the parking and experience. Happy Travels!


Penske Racing Museum Takes the Checkered Flag

Looks like a fun place to visit for the day.

Out and About in Scottsdale AZ

A Close-Up View of Auto Racing History 

Clean your windshield, check your tires and take hold of the steering wheel. Don’t race, but drive safely to the Penske Racing Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona. As you approach 7125 East Chauncey Lane, just off of Loop 101 in the north part of Scottsdale, the first thing you will notice is a series of luxury car dealerships. The Scottsdale 101 Collection is an expansive group of Penske dealerships that sell cars most of us can only dream of owning.

Team Penske

When you set foot on the grounds of the 41 acre Penske complex, you can hardly be blamed if you stop to admire the Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Ferraris that you can spot for as far as the eye can see. You’ll have plenty of time to browse through all of the cool cars that you can buy, but first, head on in and explore…

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18,000 sq. ft. foreclosure in Arizona! Mega-Foreclosures

In the heart of Arizona is a place that few people would expect to find a foreclosure. Built in 2002 this nearly 18,000 square foot Mega-Foreclosure is waiting for a smart home buyer to scoop it up. The home rests on the world-famous Biltmore Golf Course and features nine stately bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a home theater that would make George Clooney green with envy, five fireplaces, a wine room and more features than can be listed in something so small as the internet.

The home is on Biltmore Estates Drive has been identified as one of the most attractive and desirable foreclosures in recent history. As reviews the specifications and amenities and as you can see by the photo above this is one very large hacienda with a courtyard that contains an oversized pool and built-in Jacuzzi. The terraces that surround the second story allow for easy exterior access…

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Parking At Gatwick Airport: Scott Jones Ace Parking

Forgot to add that Gatwick is extremely difficult to get around in, arrive in plenty of time to get to your flight.

Scott Jones Ace Parking

Scott Jones Ace Parking But with proudly owning an auto in the NCBD comes several other problems. 1 of the significant troubles going through Nairobi motorists is site visitors jams. From Monday to Friday, you will hear motorists complaining of traffic jams on radio demonstrates. You will find some motorists even leaving their properties as early as 6am and will get to the business office at 8am. This is not because in which they stay is much; No! In fact, if there was no traffic jam, they would get to their locations of function in about 10-15 minutes.

Now, allow us learn about the utilization and capabilities of the gadget. It can be employed in all varieties of vehicles except the automobiles with metallic bumpers. You don’t have to fear about this as only a quite handful of automobiles in the marketplace have metallic bumpers. It can be employed only…

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