Parking Tips for New York City – Scott Jones Ace Parking

New York City, the city that never – ever – ever sleeps. Scott Jones Ace Parking was in NYC just a few weeks ago and he realized that there is a number of people that do not know how to properly park in the city. Granted, if you find a parking spot God especially likes you. With a city that’s always moving you can guess how traffic must be. Try to avoid parking on the sidewalk of your favorite caffee or theater. It will make pulling out into traffic a million times harder. Parking structures are very expensive but they offer the most protection to your vehicle so that is up to your discretion. It’s also a good idea never too park too far from where you want to go, by minimizing walking distance and keeping an eye on your car is good encase of burglary.


Scott Jones Ace Parking suggests you find a cab or take the bus as that’s the least expensive and safest for your car. However if you enjoy driving in traffic and maniac’s than be my guest! NYC is the greatest city in the U.S. without a doubt, Scott Jones Ace Parking wants you to stay safe and enjoy the parking and experience. Happy Travels!


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